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PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 7:54 am 

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Hi, looks like it's time to change my rear shocks on my 323f ba.. Just wondered if anyone else on here has done it and just how difficult it might be to do myself?

Also where's the best place to source the new shocks?

Was quoted £445 all in by my local STS tyres ;( Thought I might try it myself.

Noticed there's a company in Germany on ebay doing the shocks fairly cheap, any good?

Thanks guys in advance :)

PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 9:45 am 
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I changed all my BA shocks a couple of months ago (although Hughie did the heavy work as he knew what he was doing!) Theoretically it's not difficult: wheel off, undo the shock at either end, replace it.

BUT you will need to replace the rear drop links at the same time; and if the shocks have never been changed, it could take time and some elbow grease to get the old bolts off at the hub end.

I would also seriously consider changing the top mounts at the same time: mine were ... uh ... in a bit of a mess!! :shock:


If you do change them, don't lose that bell-shaped thing as in the photo, however rusty it is, it will have to go back in (the top mount is just the flat part underneath).

Don't rush putting the new ones in, take some time to assemble the new shock & spring combo and make sure you put all the relevant parts in, in the right order and the right way around (bump stops, metal cap etc.) or you'll have to take it all off again. It's one job where you don't want to find you've left a piece in the box! :lol:

The German eBay supplier: I did exactly this, bought them from a German company on eBay. Give me the eBay name and I'll check. The shocks brand is GH, they arrived in 3 days and I've had no problems whatsoever.


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PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 10:03 am 
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The work is not so bad actually, if you have the right instruments and knowlege you can do it all by your self.
This includes dissasebling the boot plastic trim, untightening the strut nut first,then untighten the top mount nuts(keep them there for now) especially the strut one!! Just untighten it so you could remove it easy after removing the shock from the car.
After untightening the "tower" go to the rear wheel,remove it(by jacking the car) :) and untighten the bolts holding the bottom of the shock(the boots) they are a bit tightened so you shoud use a strong wrenches.
There you should see the brake line fixed on the shock with a clamp,remove the clamp and gently bend the tube so it's free from the shock.The ABS cable is mounted with 8mm bolt to the boot of the shock, you have to remove it too.Carefully because they snap like a wooden stick.If it breaks zip ties - for WIN! :D
Other thing that could be anoying is the drop link, wich is fitted right on the shocks body.You have to remove it in order to free the shock.after all the thing are done, (i forgot to mention) you should use a hammer and metal stick/shaft thinner than the bolts holding the shock and the knukle together so you could push the out the holes.
The suspension is most likely to compress the hub upward towards the shock when the bolts are removed.
Don't worry, that's normal.Then use a long metal rod to push the wheel hub wit all susp. parts down so you could free the shock from it.Pull the shock at left or right and release the hub so it goes beside it not interfering with the shock.then(you could use a buddy) well i didn't, at opened boot remove 2 of the top mount nuts and loosen to the very end the last one, then go outside and use one hand and reach inside to untightened the last nut and with the other one hold the shock so it can't fall on your foot(ask me how i know).after removing the shock you will need spring braces to tension the springs, then remove the already untightened nut that holds the shock and spring, change everything you like and go back all the way to assemble the car.After you get the car on wheels on the ground tightened the strut mounts again as also the nut on the shock shaft!
That is from me.I may forgot something but i'm sure someone here will add it.
Good luck!

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